Nitrogen Pump and Vaporizer Units

Big Red Engineering’s Nitrogen Pump and Vaporizer Unit provides the best-in-class well servicing equipment solutions. We build skid, bodyload or trailer mounted nitrogen (gaseous) pump and vaporizer units. This unit utilizes the non-fired diesel engine heat recovery system to vaporize liquid nitrogen. All heat required to vaporize the liquid nitrogen is from the engine. The power of the pump and the heat of the vaporizer all come from the power device of the diesel engine. The waste heat from the engine and other systems are useful heat for liquid nitrogen vaporizing on non fired units.

During normal operation, the liquid nitrogen flows to the plunger pump from the storage tank and is pressurized by the reciprocating plunger to working pressure. Then the high pressure liquid nitrogen will flow into the vaporizer where it takes in enough heat to be vaporized into high pressure gaseous nitrogen and gets discharged through the discharge valve. In order to balance heat load of the cooling system, the system waste heat will be transferred to the cooling system (or increase the loading of the engine through the hydraulic heat building system to make the system generate more heat), which provides sufficient heat to vaporize the liquid nitrogen and ensures the normal heat loss of the hydraulic system and the diesel engine.

All standard units are capable of local control, remote control, motoring and data recording. Engine, hydraulic and operational parameters are stored locally and can be accessed, in real time, or remotely if needed.

All standard units will be equipped with LED working lights, high pressure iron rated for 15,000 PSI operating pressure. Big Red Engineering’s team makes every effort to exceed our customer’s equipment needs and fleet standardization.

Trailer Mounted Unit

  • Custom built, DOT compliant, trailer
  • Standard 5th Wheel configuration
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • LED lighting
  • Anti-Lock Brake System
  • Climate controlled operators cabin
  • Storage for treating iron

Truck/Chassis Mounted Unit

  • Customized unit designed upon customer’s preferred chassis and engine
  • Optional truck mounted crane
  • Truck/Chassis units – Kenworth, Peterbuilt or International, etc.

Skid Mounted Unit

  • Adaptable for onshore or offshore environments
  • Crash Frame Designed for Crane and Forklift Servicing
  • Optional skid lifting certification
  • Optional sound reduction

All units feature the following design features and/or options:


  • Caterpillar
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Cummins


  • Compass Instruments
  • Lime Instruments
  • Touch Screen Monitors

System Start Up

  • Hydraulic Start
  • Electric Start
  • Air Start

Plunger Pump

  • CS&P
  • ACD Cryogenic Industries

High Pressure Pumping System

  • Triplex Pumps
  • Quintaplex Pumps
  • Customer’s choice of plunger size

Hydraulic System

  • Sauer-Danfoss
  • Parker

Boost Pump

  • CS&P
  • ACD Cryogenic Industries

Lubrication System

  • Geartek

Miscellaneous Features

  • Over Pressure Safety
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Optional Zone II certification


  • Cryoquip Water Bath
  • Direct Fired Units
  • Exhaust Recovery Units

High Pressure Lines

  • Autoclave
  • Bu-Tech
  • HIP

Discharge Rates offered

  • 90K up to 1M plus SCFH

Big Red Engineering offers both replacement parts and consumables for your well servicing equipment. Call upon or sales staff today for quotes.

Control Panel Features

controlpanel_nitrogenpumpingOur user friendly control panel has many value-added features to help operators run the unit as efficiently as possible.

  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Data Recording
  • Flow Control
  • Laptop Charting
  • Emergency Shutoff
  • Backlit Gauges