Cement Pumping Units

Built for performance, Big Red Engineering twin pumper is engineered for cement and other fluid pumping applications.


Big Red Engineering standard twin pumping unit features our rugged and reliable 600 horsepower triplex pump which is mounted in a back-to-back configuration to ensure ample pumping power in even the most challenging oil and gas well cementing / fluid pumping projects. Additional pump horsepower options are also available.
To complement our unit’s robust pumping power. Big Red Engineering utilizes the industry trusted, RCM mix system that is capable of satisfying a wide range of mixing rates. The system is designed electric over hydraulic for infinite control of the slurry delivery system. A Micro-Motion fluid densitometer is utilized for precise control of product delivery.

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Mixing and Pump Rates
  • Multi-Functional Control System for easy operation
  • Heavy beam drop deck design for balanced weight distribution

Pumping Solutions for Abrasive Applications


  • Twin Mounted 600 or 1000 HP Pumps
  • Real time Pressure & Flow Data Reporting
  • Time proven RCM Mix System
  • Electric over hydraulic for improved control of the slurry system
  • Micro-Motion fluid densitometer for precise product delivery.
  • Optional computerized mixing system