Blenders & Hydration

Big Red Engineering Blenders and Hydration units provide years of dependable service for well-site service applications



Big Red Engineering line of well servicing equipment solutions would not be complete without our full line of blenders. Built-to-last construction and ease of transport are some of the key characteristics we have incorporated into our design. The large mixing tubs featured in all of our Big Red Engineering blenders have a maximum capacity of 120bbls, enabling on-site, trouble-free mixing of fluids and propellants. Our user-friendly, mixing control system allows operators to easily produce a wide variety of fluid blends at varying densities.


Big Red Engineering hydration units are the perfect compliment to our well servicing equipment offering and provide the reliable, on-demard mixing solutions that well servicing projects require. All of our designs are engineered so that they can be easily integrated with other well servicing equipment. Based on your chemical additive specifications, Big Red Engineering offers both custom and standard units which enables your fracturing operation to run as cost efficient as possible by minimizing the fluid required to complete the operation.

Big Red Engineering Blenders and Hydration units are available in the following configurations:

  • Skid-mounted
  • Trailer-mounted
  • Tandem Axle Truck Mounted


Full line of on-demand mixing solutions

  • Blenders
    • Large Mixing Tubs with up to 120bbls Capacity
    • On Site, Trouble-Free Mixing of Fluids and Propants
    • User Friendly Control System Eases Blending
  • Hydration Units
    • Designed to Integrate with other Well Service Equipment
    • Custom and Standard Designs Available
  • Skid, Trailer or Truck Mounted Configurations